Write the Best Copy that Sells for Your Ecommerce Store

written by Carlos Alvarez
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When you are working on copy to sell items on your e-commerce platform, there are some things that you need to know to help sell your product. 

Why Does A Great Copy Matter?

The first and maybe the most important reason why good copy matters is that it builds conversations. These are conversations between you and your customers, but more importantly, among your customers and others. If what they see and read has a positive impact, they will talk to others and become your brand ambassadors.

The next reason why you need a good copy is so you will stand out from your competition. There are millions of sellers online, and you need ways to stand out.

The third reason why you need a good copy is for SEO – search engine optimization. Copy with strong keywords will increase your visibility in the online world.

Be Consistent

Sellers often forget that they are not just selling a product; they are selling a brand. Creating a brand is about the look and feel of everything attached to your company. Keep your copy consistent with your branding.

Save The Funniness for Friends and Family

Many sellers think that being funny will give them a better relationship with their customers. Online, people do not know who you are, and humor does not always instill trust in a company. When a customer thinks that you are honest and trustworthy, they are more likely to purchase from you. 

Be Descriptive

When you are writing a copy for your e-commerce store, describe things as they are. This does not mean over-describe things; your customers need to know about your product so they can trust that they are getting what they desire. This could be color, texture, style, size, and whatever else is needed to paint a picture in your customers’ minds. If you are using pictures, ensure that your description matches the picture.

Know Whom You Are Targeting

When you are selling to customers who have never purchased from you before, the language you use will be different from when you are targeting customers that are already buyers. New customers need to be brought to your product with a sense of caution. This means using words like “learn more” or “for more information.” If the target is a previous customer, then it can be more of a sales pitch and use the words like “sale, call, buy now.”

Words matter. Writing copy for e-commerce can make or break a seller and website. The best advice is to do your research before you put your copy live. Get to know who you’re selling to, how to use descriptors, and what SEO keywords will drive traffic to your site. Your words will tell your customers who you are and what your brand stands for. 

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