We are on a Mission to Build the Most Actionable, E-Commerce Blog on the Planet.

Largest Amazon Meetup group in the world, Online Seller Cruise, Wizards of Ecom Podcast (English & Spanish), these are just a few of the attributing factors to our insane growth since beginning our in-person classes in Miami, Florida and launching of this site.

If you are a no-fluff content creator that is in the trenches as an Amazon and/or e-commerce seller and wants to write for the Wizards of Ecom blog while simultaneously growing your personal or professional brand, then you may have the perfect mix of wizardry to contribute to our blog.


The Type of Writers We Are Looking For

  • Amazon Private Lable Sellers
  • Catalog Specialists
  • Amazon Advertising Pros
  • Digital Marketing Gurus
  • Efficiency/Life Hackers
  • Influencers
  • Software Specialists
  • Facebook Advertising Specialist
  • Google Advertising Specialists
  • Youtube Specialists
  • Shopify Specialists
  • Logistics Pros
  • Amazon Wholesalers
  • Amazon Merch Pros
  • Amazon KDP Pros
  • Etsy.Rakuten,Walmart, eBay Specialists
  • Email Marketers
  • Chatbot specialists
  • Virtual Assistant Pros
  • Bulk File Masters

Your post will include an author box and a link to your site, Youtube Channel, and Podcast.

Blog Guidelines

  1. Must be 100% original content written by YOU. 
  2. Must be conversational, easy to digest. Pretend you are talking to one of your closest buddies. 
  3. Minimum of 750 words per post, extra bragging rights for 1000+ because longer posts get more shares and views.
  4. You Must write your own headline. Bonus points, submit 2-3 alternate headlines
  5. Provide at least two original images.
  6. Make sure to cite your source by providing links.
  7. Absolutely no calls to action– i.e “Download this amazing download/calculator/bot flow, etc.” Absolutely not.
  8. Please disclose if you have a relationship with someone mentioned in your post.
  9. One week after the original post is published, you can publish the article on your site by providing a link back to our blog.