Will Amazon Launchpad Help Your Business?

written by Carlos Alvarez
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Standing out in the crowded world of the Amazon Marketplace can be tricky. That’s why you need to use all of the tools available in the most effective ways possible. You can have an incredibly lucrative Amazon business with some smart choices and attention to detail. Taking advantage of all of the tools available as well as seeking out expert advice can really help your business break through the crowds and get into that lucrative first page search results.

Amazon Launchpad

One of the tools that Amazon offers to help their newer sellers is through their Launchpad program. Amazon Launchpad helps new sellers find their footing and their audience more easily. It might sound incredible on the surface, but there are a few things that you have to keep in mind.

What Does Amazon Launchpad Offer New Sellers?

Amazon markets their Launchpad program as a way to jumpstart a business new to Amazon. They offer help with setup and marketing as well as innovative ways to showcase the unique qualities of your products. According to Amazon, their Launchpad program helps to surface smaller brands that are new to their platform.

More specifically, Amazon says that their program:

  1. Increases brand exposure
  2. Provides the opportunity to highly customize your brand page
  3. Includes pre-launch, account setup and page optimization support
  4. Allows for expansion to other Launchpad countries (Launchpad is available in the USA, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, India, France, and Italy.)

A Few Drawbacks

Of course, Amazon does not offer these services free of charge. The cost for being part of their Launchpad program is a 5% premium added to the referral fees. They also require a minimum 12-month commitment to the program. Some business owners do not like the idea of submitting to a number of additional rules in order to become part of the Launchpad program. It is also important to remember that there is more to a successful Amazon business than marketing – your product, price point and the customer service you offer are all important aspects to keep up your stars and your rankings.

The Bottom Line

Is Amazon Launchpad worth it? That depends on each unique business. You know your business better than anyone else. Launchpad may be exactly what you are looking for – it may fill all the gaps in your business plan and can help you to boost your business. On the other hand, it might not. Maybe you have the marketing side of your business covered and the rest of the perks just don’t make it worth the premium fee.

If you are unsure, it is worth getting expert advice and learning everything you can about ecommerce. Wizards of Ecom is a great resource to tap into for guidance in running a successful Amazon business. They have many classes, podcasts, and events that can help you understand the intricacies of ecommerce as well as connect with other like-minded people in the business.

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"A bit about " Carlos Alvarez " in his own words: "Alvarez sums up his mission to help online sellers with a quote he heard early on in his career. “New sellers constantly compare their Chapter 1 to another seller’s Chapter 20. They see what other veteran sellers are doing and they judge their success and failures by this benchmark.” His goal is to show sellers a realistic path to success, and how they can enjoy every chapter of their own, unique journey."

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