What is the Amazon Climate Pledge Certificate and Do You Need It?

written by Carlos Alvarez
9 · 04 · 21

Amazon is used by many online shoppers who can be quite specific and selective when it comes to getting what they want.  Amazon helps by getting products easily into the hands of the customers in the way they want, and these days, most customers want environmental sustainability. Amazon makes it easy for shoppers to find eco-friendly products; as a seller, should you seek out one of the Amazon’s climate badges for your page?

What is this?

Climate Pledge Friendly Certifications are a series of badges that sellers can place on products on their websites and in Amazon Marketplace to help shoppers find products that meet certain environmental requirements. The badges are meant to help customers make informed choices.

The program was launched in September of 2020 to meet a need that many in the world now recognize. Amazon’s Climate Pledge states that they are committed to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2040. They show that they are well on their way to that goal by helping shoppers find and choose the best sustainable products. More than 75,000 products have these badges so far.

What are the badges?
The badges and certificates are proofs and assurances that these products meet the criteria set by third party government agencies, non-profit organizations, and independent laboratories. As Amazon continues to expand its goal, they are adding new certifications regularly. The badges and certifications go to grocery, beauty products, household and personal items, and electronics and are awarded either by Amazon, or by one or more of  the third parties. Find out more information about the specific badges here.

Why do you need the Climate Pledge Friendly badge?

This certification program may seem to some like a lot to go through just to show what is already present, but in truth, the idea is sound and the program is good. The climate friendly products are well labelled and promoted at the tops of the lists. As consumers are becoming more aware of the necessity, they are making choices based on the certificates. Having a badge increases sales, and research shows that customers are willing to pay more for sustainable products and packaging. Soon, it is very likely that your customers will be asking to see your certificate.

How can you badge up?

Getting a badge can be a little bit complicated. Complicated enough, in fact, to make it seem that it is not worth bothering with, and this reason may be why the program is less popular with sellers as it is with buyers. There is no specific application form, and the process is not always clear. Sellers who want to show their qualifications need to submit to one of the certifiers to receive their badge. Should you go through the process to obtain an Amazon Climate Pledge Certificate? Yes, if you are planning to increase sales to discriminating Amazon shoppers. This program will grow, and as an Amazon seller, you will grow with it.

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