What is Amazon Live Creator?

written by Carlos Alvarez
11 · 09 · 21

Interacting with your customer base is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Depending on the type of products you sell, you may have either a niche or a very broad audience, and being able to reach out to them is gold to your bottom line and sales numbers. Amazon has always had customer interaction through comments, questions and reviews, but never really had a live way to interact with customers directly, until now.

With the release of Amazon Live last year, you are now able to directly interact with your customers through a livestream environment, while also showcasing your products and giving live demonstrations about their use and quality. So, how can you take advantage of this new level of interactions available?

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live, is something akin to the shopping channel mixed with a platform like Twitch. You are able to go on camera using the Amazon Live Creator app, chat with your customers directly from your product pages, answer questions from them, and showcase all your products and even demonstrate their uses or quality live.

Amazon Live is available to professional U.S. sellers registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, U.S. vendors with an approved Amazon store, or Amazon influencers with an active influence storefront.

Why You Should Be Using Amazon Live

With chat options and being able to directly interact, it gives a new level of customer interaction you probably didn’t have before, helping build awareness for your brand. This is great advertising for your brand, and as customers get to know your face, and enjoy your livestreams, they’ll be more likely to share your products, or even your stream link whenever you go live, helping to build your brand and expand your customer base. As your stream increases in popularity, it may even get promoted on the Amazon frontpage, greatly boosting your visibility.

You could also choose to have live-only promotions to help boost your viewership and reach, or special deals that only viewers can take advantage of through live chat links you push to them. This helps get return viewers and helps reward those that check out your live streams.

Amazon Live is very convenient to use, and you can go live at any time you wish, you don’t need to work around an Amazon schedule. Check out your sales metrics and try to time your live streams with your peak sales times in order to reach the most people.

Getting Started with Amazon Live using Amazon Live Creator

If you are eligible, you can start livestreaming by downloading the Amazon Live Creator app onto your smartphone. Currently the app is only available on iOS.

Once you have the app, create a Live account by signing into your Vendor, Seller or Influencer account, then choose your brand and profile name for live streaming. You can add any number of your products to your stream, and your stream will appear on those product listings when you go live.

If you are not fully comfortable with just talking off the cuff, you can prepare some written talking points, and even use the practice mode to get your camera settings right and get used to talking to a camera. Once ready, hit Go Live and get ready to interact with your customers.

Amazon Live is a free service available from Amazon, however you can boost your stream viewership through Amazon advertising.

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