Top Four Reasons Why You Get Suspended from Your Amazon Seller Account

written by Carlos Alvarez
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For an Amazon seller, their account is their lifeline to their business. With a suspended account, not only do you lose sales, but it can also become very difficult to contact Amazon and get your account back online. This makes understanding the most common reasons Amazon seller accounts get suspended exceptionally helpful in keeping your account active and sales rolling in.

Late Shipping

Amazon works to keep their customers safe and holds sellers accountable to their customers. Some sellers, or third party shipping companies, may mark a product as shipped before it is actually sent. Whether this is a result of miscommunication or an effort to cover up slow shipping, Amazon sees it as a breach of conduct.

To keep your account from being suspended for this reason, it’s best to stay informed about your brand’s shipping rates and schedules, and keep in touch with any third party shipping companies. This makes it easier to ensure shipping is being reported accurately and on time.

Inaccurate Information

On a multifaceted open market such as Amazon, there are a variety of keywords that will lead to certain products. While keyword creativity can yield good results, some keywords are very sensitive to suspension, such as those for medications. If a non-medicinal product includes medical keywords anywhere in the listing, the seller may be in danger of having their account suspended.

This applies to all types of products and keywords; if there is inaccurate or misleading information in the description, especially to the extent that it is flagged by users, your seller account may be suspended. This makes proper wording and keyword research a must for every seller.

Product Packaging Inserts

Amazon has very strict restrictions regarding product packaging inserts, with any violation resulting in a seller account suspension. One of the driving factors of suspension is packaging inserts that put a large emphasis on only positive reviews. While Amazon does not discourage customers from reviewing a product, it does not allow sellers to offer gifts, discounts or giveaways in return for positive reviews.

In order to prevent this from happening, any product packaging inserts in use or in development should be thoroughly reviewed. With carefully appropriate wording, requests for reviews are allowed, but must be fully compliant to prevent suspension.

Other Policy and Compliance Violations

Along with those listed, Amazon has a complex and varied policy list. With the ever changing environment of the global economy and legal systems, this list may also be subject to change. By staying abreast of the many seller policies of Amazon, you can help maintain your account’s activity.

It can also be helpful to stay connected with other credible and reputable sellers in the Amazon community. As new strategies become popular or are added to Amazon’s list of compliance issues, sellers can help keep each other in the know. By staying connected with others, you can learn from their mistakes and take preventive action to keep your account active.

Keeping your Amazon seller account active is an important key to running a successful business. By understanding the main compliance and policy violations that can cause an account to be suspended, a seller can take preemptive action. It can also be helpful to stay informed and up to date on changing policies, as they could put a business into violation. Learn how to appeal your Amazon Suspension here.

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