Top 3 Tips for Doing Amazon FBA Private Label

Amazon is no longer an online book store. With all the products that are available, this means that there is also a lot of competition. Sellers are competing with other sellers and also with Amazon themselves. Normally it is a race for the Buy Box and to get the attention of the buyers. Private labels are one thing that can help a seller stand out from the rest.

What Is Amazon FBA Private Label?

For those who are new at selling on Amazon, a private label is also known as a private brand. The product is labeled under the retailer (your company) and not the manufacturer. This is common in retail; for example, when you walk into a grocery store and go to the soda aisle. There you will see all the major brands that everyone knows, and you can buy at any store. There are also brands for the particular grocery store (store label). This soda is manufactured but then labeled and sold under that store’s private label.

Advantages of Amazon FBA Private Label:

There are a few reasons that people will sell under a private label.

  • The first is that this becomes your brand. You can market it and price it as you want to. There are no restrictions that manufactured labels may put on. For example, some labels will not allow you to resell their product or it can only be sold in certain areas.
  • You control the customization. This is your product your dream. When purchasing from a distributor or vendor, they control the product and can limit your creativity.
  • There can be a higher income because there is no middle person. You purchase directly from the manufacturer. When using a distributor, there is an increase in costs to pay them.

Do Your Research

The first tip in selling a private label on Amazon is to complete your research. Many people want to just start selling things that they like. When you think that everyone else will buy the product because you like it, this sets the business up for failure. Research to see how similar products are selling on Amazon. What price range are they selling for and what is the revenue on the product? If the product has limited sales and you are only making cents not dollars, this is not a good product.

Find the Right Supplier

There are many suppliers or manufacturers that can be used to create a private label. AliSource and Alibaba are two places where you can create a private label. Some manufactures can ship it directly to an FBA fulfillment center. This will save time and shipping expenses.

Your Amazon Page

Your sellers page is the first thing that a potential buyer will see. This may be your one chance to get them to buy your product, so your first impression needs to be great. You may want to hire a professional photographer for your product.  The price has to be right and the description must catch their eye and contain relevant words. Ensure that all your pictures and wording meet the criteria of Amazon before posting so that you do not lose all your hard work.

Selling on Amazon requires time and knowledge in order to be successful. If you want to beat the competition, you need to know all the tips and tricks for FBA selling on Amazon. To learn more about how to be successful check us out.

Carlos Alvarez

Alvarez sums up his mission to help online sellers with a quote he heard early on in his career. New sellers constantly compare their Chapter 1 to another seller’s Chapter 20. They see what other veteran sellers are doing and they judge their success and failures by this benchmark. His goal is to show sellers a realistic path to success, and how they can enjoy every chapter of their own, unique journey.

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