Three Ways to Grow your Business with Brand Licensing

written by Carlos Alvarez
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Looking to grow your sales on Amazon, Etsy or Shopify but not sure about your next steps? Consider brand licensing. This is an excellent way for any creative product makers (art, music, software, characters) to keep growing their brand.

What is licensing?

Licensing is the act of allowing another company to use your proprietary or intellectual property. Before you license a product, however, you must legally make sure it belongs to you and is protected from unlicensed use. This is done through branding and patents.

Three ways to leverage brand licensing

1. License your characters or art to corresponding companies

Just because you can license your art, doesn’t mean you should allow just anyone to use it. Work with companies that correspond to your brand and your values. For example, if you created an adorable character it may be suitable for a line of children’s clothing. Perhaps you have created a catchy slogan or tagline. You will want to choose one company only for this, as it will become part of their own branding. After all, we associate “I’m Loving It, with McDonalds and not with any other fast food brand.

2. Tap into sports or gaming

If your licensed product is used to help promote a major sports team or network, you have achieved a major business milestone! Sports merch and marketing is a billion dollar industry. But don’t stop there. You may have success by keeping an eye on the up and comers in the gaming world. It’s hard to catch the eye of big brands like Nintendo, but smaller or emerging gaming brands may want to use your product. Those small brands can turn into major players one day, increasing your own company’s net worth along the way. Steam is a great place to find gaming brands that are entering the market but proving to be popular among players.

3. Offer your products as a service

You can create a product and license it, but you can also create a service where you create and then license a product on a curated basis. Basically, you can form a company around the custom creation of licensed characters, slogans and taglines.

Many ways to build brands

Selling your product is the ultimate goal to building your brand online, but don’t forget that selling has many channels. Brand licensing in its many forms is a channel that is ideal for artists and creatives.

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Carlos Alvarez

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