The Best Software for A/B Testing your Amazon Listing

written by Carlos Alvarez
6 · 02 · 22

Ask any good marketer and they will tell you one thing: there is no magic bullet, only continual A/B testing. Thanks to the wonders of modern data and technology, testing marketing strategies has never been easier, even for listings on Amazon.

To best try different content approaches for your listings, we recommend performing regular A/B testing. But what exactly is A/B testing, how can you implement it on your own seller site and, of course, how should you evaluate its success? We answer these questions and reveal the best software for A/B testing below.

What is A/B Testing?

Let’s start at the start with A/B testing. Also called “split testing,” it is the opportunity to try multiple versions of the same thing on essentially the same audience. A/B testing shows up everywhere today. You likely have noticed that headlines for the same articles appear on your favorite websites, especially news sites. This is an example of A/B testing to learn more about which types of headlines get clicks.

In the world of Amazon listings, A/B testing helps people test different listings to see which ones get more people purchasing the product. Then, sellers learn important lessons that they can take to other listings, and try new experiments to see what will boost their sales and conversion rates.

It’s important to note that, while A/B testing can be used by Amazon sellers on their listings, simultaneous testing like the headline example above, is still not widely available.

How To A/B Test on Amazon

One of the easiest, low-tech ways to implement split testing on your own Amazon listings is to simply do it yourself. Start with creating two different listings that say things differently in a way that you would like to test. Record its numbers prior to making the changes or set out the metrics you will want to measure for success. Better yet, use a sales data platform (more on that later) to set up analysis and data capture to ensure your results are accurate.

Once you have the content, the parameters of your success and a way to measure said success, implement the first version. Run it for a specified amount of time, then switch it all over to the other.

For the Best Results, Use a Dedicated Seller Analysis Tool

While A/B testing is relatively easy to do on your own, it’s important that you have a data measuring platform available to ensure that you’re understanding the results and learning the right lessons from your split testing endeavors.

There are many different data analysis software companies out there that can help with this. They all offer something different, so the right one for you might not be the right one for another seller. We recommend SellerApp, which is a fantastic resource for people just starting out.

We also recommend that sellers use the many resources available right here at Wizards of Ecom to help them in their seller journey. We offer classes, seminars and support for anyone selling on Amazon and can help you make the most of your online business. Visit our site today to see the many services we offer sellers just like you.

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