The A10 Algorithm: An Introduction

written by Carlos Alvarez
7 · 01 · 21

A10 algorithm is a ranking system that determines where a product shows up in a shopper’s search results according to its relevancy. Modernizing a few key aspects of A9, A10 opens up opportunities for diligent sellers who master its inner workings.

The world of online shopping has never been so flooded with products as it is today. The amazing, the mediocre, and the irrelevant… how is a consumer to find just what they’re looking for? In other words, how do they find your products? Ever striving to lead the industry in innovative sales techniques and frontrunning technologies, Amazon is striding forward. This includes an exciting update to A9, the platform’s most recent search engine promotion algorithm creating the more functional A10.

We know that change can be uncomfortable, but we’re here to ensure our members that A10 is nothing to worry about. It’s not all that different from A9 except that it modernizes a few key aspects of its predecessor and therefore, it’s something to embrace. To reassure you, we’re sharing a simplified break down around what the A10 algorithm is, why these updates were necessary, and how Wizards of Amazon members can leverage these changes to get their products to the top of their consumers’ search results.

What, simply put, is the A10 algorithm?

As you’re most likely already aware, the A10 algorithm is a ranking system that determines where a product shows up in a shopper’s search results according to its relevancy. Every time a consumer conducts a search on Amazon, their query factors into its algorithm and its relevance is checked. Of course, the goal is to get your product to the first page because today’s shopper is an impatient shopper. We cannot stress this enough. Never forget that 70 percent of shoppers never search beyond the first page of results.

Why change from A9 to A10, and why now?

Whenever there’s a change such as this one, the first question is often “why?” In this case, Amazon is giving legitimate sellers a leg up by eliminating businesses using black hat promotional techniques such as fake reviews and accounts or fraudulent vouchers. A10 has improved capabilities to track consumer behavior better than A9. The new system will boost products according to the sales frequency rather than placing such emphasis on product descriptions or pricing. It will also increase the importance of positive responses while decreasing the value of paid sponsorship. When a consumer performs a search with the A10 algorithm, it will now more accurately reflect the relevance of the product to their request, rather than pushing the most profitable products. A win-win for the seller, and the buyer!

How will the A10 algorithm enhance my business profitability?

Of course, the most important thing you’re wondering: how can A10 help make my business more profitable? That’s the part we’re most excited to share with our members. There’s much more opportunity for sellers within the A10 algorithm, but it’s going to require diligence. The first thing to pay attention to is seller authority, so pursuing that positive feedback is more important now. Also, the longer you’ve been selling on Amazon, as well as keeping on top of your return rate – including effectively handling returns – holds more value under the new algorithm. Inventory also plays a role in seller authority. A broader selection of products means you’ll meet the needs of more shoppers, and this carries a heavier weight with A10. One way to increase this depth is to watch for common uses your product is attracting in regards to consumer use. You can then build up your categories with crossovers and/or bundle products.

We also strongly encourage our members to drive traffic to your Amazon listings by using your Amazon link in other places because A10 gives increased ratings when shoppers learn about a product on different sites and then traverse into the Amazon marketplace. Leverage your website, blog content, and social media to easily move your product up the ranks. Another thing to watch out for are drops in sales and slow-moving inventory because A10 factors in that sales history. Finally, boost your rank with a high click-through rate by using high quality photos and the best content possible.     

Always more to learn

While we hope our members find this overview of the A10 algorithm helpful, there’s much more to know about it, as well as ways to master it for the success of your businesses. For more information on A10, or anything else in the wide world of Amazon, Wizards of Ecom is your welcoming community of support. Click here to learn more.

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