Sustainable Packaging: A Competitive Advantage for Amazon Sellers

written by Carlos Alvarez
10 · 13 · 23

There are great advantages to making sustainable packaging a part of your business. Let’s look at the benefits that implementing and prioritizing socially conscious packaging can have for your business.

What is Sustainable Packaging?

There are a lot of ways that packaging can be wasteful. Packaging that is sustainable is packaging that reduces environmental impact over time. It does this by using more recycled material, it is reusable itself and it is minimally produced, thereby lowering the carbon footprint. The key is using fewer raw materials in its creation.

Advantages for Amazon Sellers

In order for Amazon sellers to perform well, it is important to please customers and to make the business rank higher in consumers’ minds. One way to increase brand loyalty is to switch to sustainable options for packaging. It appeals to customers and making the switch is a great selling feature. Do your research to be sure of how eco-friendly your new packaging is. Once you’ve decided on an option, list those features in your product descriptions to attract more customers.

Another advantage to this switch is that eco-friendly products and sustainable packaging do not produce a lot of waste. It takes up less storage space in a warehouse, bringing rental costs down. Additionally, when you buy the packaging, you can buy less volume at a similar price.

Consumers Love It

Today, we are all concerned with our health and sustainable packaging contains less toxins and other allergens. That is another selling point to use to build loyalty and improve your overall ranking. Switching to lower cost packaging that is also environmentally friendly and free of harmful toxins lets your customer base know that you are concerned about their health and the safety, taking that into consideration when deciding on the products that you sell.

Examples of Sustainable Packaging

Use smaller boxes and bags that don’t waste space. Smaller packages are easier to deliver too! Eco-friendly packages have less wasted space, but they also can be softer, rather than heavy and rigid. Packages can be expandable and soft, especially if the product does not require a great deal of protection while being shipped. If you do need boxes or something heavier, stay away from dyes and other allergens by choosing packaging that is reusable. Your customers will be able to use the packaging over and over, rather than immediately throwing it away.

Don’t Change Everything at Once!

This important step towards the future of your business should be started as soon as possible but do take time to do the research and make any necessary adjustments. It should be done slowly and with consideration. Take time and assure your customers that this is something that is important, and that you are working on choosing the best option available.

This is a commitment that you can make to customers and to your brand right now that you can carry into the future. Start small, let the word spread and keep looking into the best practices of sustainable packaging as the technology, design and options improve. There are a lot of different ways of ensuring that the packaging is the best it can be. Don’t forget that it is not just consumers that want less packaging, there are calls for more sustainability from governments, climate activist groups and others. Implementing sustainable packaging now gives you an advantage now and for the future.

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