Starting an Amazon Wholesale Business in 2021

written by Carlos Alvarez
8 · 27 · 21

Are you looking to start selling wholesale on Amazon? There are some crucial pieces of advice you need to know. From the importance of good research to staying updated on trends, let’s take a dive into the best tips for wholesale Amazon start-ups in 2021.

Research is Key
The first thing you need to do before you start selling wholesale on Amazon is research; in-depth and quality research about the products you want to sell, the audience you want to target, and the logistics of running your business. You need to know the ins and outs of everything related to your business goals in order to achieve them, and research is a step you cannot skip.

Find & Secure the Right Producers

You also need to make sure that you find and secure the right producers. When you’re selling wholesale, you really can’t do anything until you have the products to promote. Look for product suppliers that suit your business and consider their production capabilities, order requirements, and pricing before you sign with them. An easy way to find legitimate producers is through B2B platforms, and you can also consult a team of e-commerce experts for guidance in this area.

Know Your Competition

It is also critical to understand your competition. Namely, what is your competition, and what are they doing? Figure out how many wholesale sellers you are competing with for a given product and get to know how these competitors are operating. What are their prices like? What audiences are they targeting? How can you ensure that you’re the more appealing option to consumers?

Create a Marketing Plan

Winging it won’t do when you’re selling wholesale on Amazon. You can’t rely on trial and error – you need a solid marketing plan. Create a plan for your growth goals and how you are going to achieve them, taking into account the different marketing approaches and how you can implement them for success. A lot of business owners struggle with this aspect of selling, so you may benefit from a team of e-commerce marketing professionals.

Analyze Consumer Data

As you sell wholesale on Amazon, you’ll need to continuously monitor and analyze consumer data. You need to be aware of and respond to consumer trends in behavior, purchasing, culture, and more, which means adjusting your products and marketing plans accordingly. Optimizing your business is accomplished through informed flexibility, and you can’t risk falling out of date. A professional e-commerce team can provide key insight and guidance for this area of business, so you should consider hiring an agency for the best Amazon sales performance. 

Overall, there are a lot of things to consider before you start selling wholesale on Amazon in 2021. If you want your business to thrive, investing your time into good research, finding the right producers, understanding your competition, marketing and analysis, as well as keeping up to date, are vital for your success. This can be hard to do all on your own, but there are e-commerce experts that can provide you with the tools and guidance you need. Click here to learn more.

Carlos Alvarez

"A bit about " Carlos Alvarez " in his own words: "Alvarez sums up his mission to help online sellers with a quote he heard early on in his career. “New sellers constantly compare their Chapter 1 to another seller’s Chapter 20. They see what other veteran sellers are doing and they judge their success and failures by this benchmark.” His goal is to show sellers a realistic path to success, and how they can enjoy every chapter of their own, unique journey."

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