Rave Reviews: Top Tips to Drive Strong Product Reviews on Amazon in 2021

written by Carlos Alvarez
8 · 18 · 21

The world of online sales is a fast paced and exciting place to work in, albeit fraught with high levels of competition. Despite the lack of face-to-face interaction in selling your products through Amazon, sellers tend to enjoy the two-way communcation with our buyers through online reviews. And since Amazon has upgraded to the A10 algorithm, those reviews have never been so essential to getting our products to the top of the search results page. Still, many sellers have found strong positive reviews harder to come by these days, especially since Amazon has removed incentivized reviews from their programming. Because it’s our mission to share all our learnings around the latest and best sales practices and techniques out there to leverage the Amazon platform, we’re spending time breaking down some top tips to help our members achieve those great reviews and create endless opportunity.  

Turn positive feedback into a rave review

We’ve all been there. We get amazing seller feedback that’s not publicly visible for all our potential buyers to see on the worldwide web. When this happens, we encourage you to set your frustration aside and turn this scenario into an opportunity. Here’s how. Review your seller feedback routinely, optimally every day. Now this can be time consuming, so we recommend you create an email/messaging template that thanks your buyer for their feedback and kindly requests they repost that feedback publicly in the form of a product review. This template may include an outline around how to create a strong product review, any useful links, and your contact info should they wish to reach out with any questions. Essentially, make this process as easy as possible for your buyer so they’re likely to continue to provide great reviews in the future.

Take advantage of customer interactions for increased reviews

Anytime a buyer has reached out directly to you with a question about your product or a customer service-type need, you’re creating opportunities. The more engagement you realize with a person, especially when you’re impressing them with great service and knowledgeable advice, the more you’re actually building a relationship of loyalty and trust. What kinds of interactions are we talking about here? Well, it might be a question about your product prior to purchasing, technical support post-purchase, or even making a return a seamless process. Here’s how we recommend you lay out your ask. Wait approximately one week, and then send a warm and friendly check-in email. When the buyer confirms their product has arrived and they are happy with everything, ask for the review.   

Don’t discount the potential in providing discounts

When times are slow, there’s great potential in driving sales through selectively discounting products to see some movement. In particular, when launching a new product, a 25 percent discount can push initial sales, making the product appear more attractive to online shoppers on the hunt. Remember, the more sales, the better the chance of receiving feedback and reviews, as well as opportunities for those friendly email check-ins with a kind request for a good review. 

Leverage the trusty email list

Strong and eager sellers continue to build upon their off-Amazon email lists to keep customers – who typically already like your product offerings – in the know about your product and service offerings. When you launch any new products, we recommend hyperlinking directly to the product detail page on Amazon versus your own website. This way, initial sales will be driven up, and happy customers on the receiving end of this list can easily leave their reviews right there.

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