Protection Services You Need as an Amazon Seller

written by Carlos Alvarez
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Building up your brand on Amazon is the cornerstone to your business selling products on the platform. Sourcing goods, customizing, manufacturing, shipping, logistics, everything that you have to worry about can add up, but it can all come crashing down if you aren’t prepared to do what is necessary to protect your brand.

There are several protection services that are available in order to help you to protect your Amazon brand from copycats, bad faith competitors, and anything else that could hinder your sales, and make you lose credibility with your client base. The main service is provided by Amazon itself through Amazon Brand Protection services, where a whole slew of tools can help you ensure your brand is protected against stolen intellectual property, black hat tactics, and account suspensions. Of course, you may not have time to do all this background management and may rely on a partner service to do this work for you.

Registering Your Account for Amazon Brand Services

While you are working on setting up your initial Amazon storefront, you should be working on protecting your IP and brand by starting the process of registering your trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property through the Intellectual Property Office in the US and any concerned regions where your products will be selling.

While your IPs are being registered, registering your information with Amazon Brand Protection services will open up a wealth of tools you can use in order to protect your business on Amazon, from unfriendly competition tactics to IP theft and everything in between.

While you can use an Amazon Brand Protection services partner company to help manage your brand, you can do it yourself too; you just need to know what to look for. Using Amazon Brand Protection you can closely monitor your product pages, reviews and comments sections to weed out any fake postings and ratings, which can drastically reduce your visibility on the search engine. You can also combat false claims about your products, unauthorized reselling of your products, counterfeiters and manage your dormant accounts. Everything you monitor through Amazon Brand Protection services is for the benefit of your brand, and to avoid getting your account suspended.

The Primary Amazon Brand Protection Services

IP Accelerator is a service available from Amazon Brand Protection. If you haven’t done the work yourself in order to file IP claims, they can help you accelerate the process by partnering you with knowledgeable law firms to speed up certifications.

Brand Registry allows you to register your brand so that you have access to different sponsored ads only available to registered brands. These brands have the benefits of logo features, more robust headlines and even being able to list three products in a sponsored ad. Only you may use your brand logo for your sponsored ads for your products, so spotting counterfeits without logos will be easier.

Lastly, transparency codes are codes that are on your products that can be scanned by customers to ensure your products are authentic. Boast in your product listings about the code so that customers can more easily report fake products that lack them.

Protection Services are a Must in 2022

Protection services are necessary to remain competitive and protect yourself from fraudulent parties that are looking to steal your IP, put fake products on the market that scam customers and hurt your reputation, defend against fake reviews and comments, and so much more. Take the extra time to solidify this insurance so you don’t face the headaches of suspended accounts later.

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