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written by Carlos Alvarez
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Amazon continues to lead the e-commerce industry with advancements that make business better for sellers using their platform. Here are some essential ways Amazon Order ID helps us keep up with an ever-growing demand for our products.

At the world turns, online shopping continues its massive growth in popularity. These days, it’s more than a luxury for many, it’s a necessity. That makes for very busy, often hectic, days for Amazon sellers. Yes, it’s a blessing to busy, but we certainly don’t want things to get lost in the mix as we strive to keep up, or for our service to suffer. If you’ve been struggling to keep track of your orders, accounts, reviews, metrics, or other useful sales reports, it’s a great time for a refresher on the organizational benefits of Amazon Order ID.

This numerical ID system is a great tool to assist busy sellers in tracking orders with an incredibly user-friendly interface. It offers a seamless and efficient way to check order details but more than that, Amazon Order ID is also a great system to ensure both the seller and the customer have their privacy protected as their names are replaced with order ID numbers. Here are some essential ways Amazon Order ID helps keep up with an ever-growing demand for products.


When we’re under the pressure of a rapidly growing business with increasing demand for our products, things can pile up in a hurry. As we feel overwhelmed, or things around us are chaotic, it’s east to revert to a reactionary state rather than taking an efficient proactive approach. What Amazon Order ID does for us is to organize our sales process and order tracking so we can take back a confident control of our business. Using a numbered system allows the Order ID to take on the job of rapid order tracking, filtering, and keeping each order, along with its related correspondence, separate from all the others. As sellers, when we want to check on any details around a specific order – order date, shipping details and status, product info, payment information, and more – it’s all there at our fingertips when we click on its order number in Amazon Order ID.


Using Amazon Order ID produces better reporting and metrics to ensure our performance is up to the best standards so we can continue to grow our businesses. Checking in to ensure everything is on track with each order so easily, we can ensure everything is running smoothly and put our minds at ease. With that, we can keep our focus and energy where it’s needed. Using reports generated within Amazon Order ID, it’s never been so quick and easy to see the status of any particular order, see any memos created around the order, and check to see which fulfillment channel the order items were purchased through. Even more, it’s easier to assess our customer’s experience as attached to the order number, as well as any listing feedback. By understanding all of these moving parts, we can evaluate where our performance is at today, and leverage Amazon Order ID to understand where and how we can correct any issues. It’s all about elevating our execution to new heights while ensuring we stay compliant with Amazon’s terms of service for high standards of service.


Using Amazon Order ID not only helps keep our transactions in order, its functions allow us to more efficiently make adjustments to the sales process as needed. If there’s an order in progress that needs to be canceled, one that needs to be looked up for a change to shipping, or any other requests, it’s all as easy as clicking on the order’s ID number and making the change. This means we can eliminate the time-consuming confusion of searching through various channels and communications when we need to look up any specific order detail. By eradicating transaction errors, Amazon Order ID helps us keep our seller credibility high and our customers returning time and again. If you’re looking for more ways to leverage the advantages of Amazon Order ID, or any other ways to get the most from the Amazon seller platform, connect with us at Wizards of Ecom. It’s our mission to network with other sellers to up your e-commerce game as we continue this journey together. We welcome you to join our next free class taught by successful sellers. Click here to learn more.

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