Is It Too Late for Me to Become an Online Entrepreneur?

written by Carlos Alvarez
9 · 03 · 21

There’s a growing number of failing businesses. Are these cases of entrepreneurs that are late to the party? In some ways yes, but in many others it’s not the case. Most ventures are failing due to a lack of understanding regarding demand, cash flow, and understanding how to sell online.

Starting an online business is becoming a pursuit worth considering as a primary income source for many people on the web, though. Considering the costs in the past for any company, and those involved with managing a portion of an industry as of now, it’s easy to see why.

The initial investment for an online entrepreneur in a new venture is so small that almost anyone can give it a shot. At this point, ecommerce for beginners can be summed up in a few classes on how to create an ecommerce business. The real work that drives the industry is everything going on behind the scenes. 

Evolution of the Entrepreneur

Before the advent of the internet, an entrepreneur was tasked with forming a path among the mess of an open market with strict limitations. Most of the work involved in setting up a business was creating connections. At the same time, though, you had to compete with other buyers for any materials you’d need for a production line.

If you were looking to offer a service, the stiff competition revolved around human resources. Finding the right individuals to push your ideas was tough work. Additionally, starting something on your own was nigh impossible. It was absolutely necessary to build a team before doing anything else.

Now, though, things have changed drastically. There are suppliers of all types for whatever, and whomever, you might need to get a job done and push a product or service. Breaking into new markets is a trade now, and something you can pay for instead of forming your own strategies. This includes translations and localization.

So, with so many resources at your fingertips, are you late to the party? The answer has two parts: yes and no. Some inventions and industries are so evolved, it’s hard to add to or innovate them. However, there are cracks in the markets that create just enough space for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

The Second Best Time to Start

The best time to start something is, well, yesterday at the very least. You’re too late to claim yesterday’s successes, but just on time to claim tomorrow’s. It’s a common and realistic concept. And, it does apply in the current state of affairs.

So, if you haven’t prepared properly and are getting ready to start today, what is the correct approach? First and foremost, explore information on inventions and technology that currently exist. Personal computers, mobile devices, VR technology, among others. This is to cross out potential avenues for inventions. It sounds silly, but it’s a top priority to do this.

Now you have a platform to build on for starting an online business. Every single option you’ve crossed out for potential inventions can be flipped to offer opportunities for innovation and a paths for creating an income.

The key here is utilizing the various existing inventions by previous entrepreneurs to create something entirely different. While all this might seem somewhat irrelevant, it’s information like this that most ambitious individuals skip over only to fail at new endeavors.

The truth is, entrepreneurs have more resources and chances at success than ever before.

The First Steps for Any Online Entrepreneur

If selling online is your primary goal, there are a few first steps that are a must before getting started. These mostly involve decisions behind the scenes; they’re things that your customers will never see, but have an immense impact in terms of quality.

Product and Service Identity

Brand reputation can make all the difference. So, before opening your virtual doors to customers, make sure you have this set in stone. It’s recommended to have a team for this, preferably individuals with knowledge regarding psychological effects through design and color. Brands like McDonald’s, Facebook, and Coke all use different colors for a reason.

The right logo and name can greatly improve relatability for consumers.

Target Market

You’ve likely heard this a thousand times, and it’s true. Picking a target market before starting the production line is essential. The benefits of selling online, for example, can only exist if your final product is shippable on the web. To use a bad example: you can’t really send an apartment rental through mail.

Determine what level of quality is necessary for your asking price. Use plastic instead of stainless steel, for example, if you’re looking to sell an enormous number of units at lower prices. If your buyers need your product for important work, bump up the price and increase material quality to match it.

Picking a target market will guide your entire enterprise. Choose wisely, with the understanding that an online entrepreneur will always struggle the most with versatility. Making changes on the move means major shifts at every level of a company.

How to Start Selling Online

With a sturdy foundation, you’re ready to push your product or service on the web. Now you have to determine which approach works best for your niche. Consider large sales sites, but keep in mind that they can take a large cut. If you prefer slow growth with less access to buyers, create your own site.

Payment processors will take much less than websites that host your product or service.

Becoming an Online Entrepreneur

The traditional and generic approach to selling is gone. Now is the time to embrace change and implement new, albeit somewhat strange, strategies. Some concepts in this guide might seem off, but that’s completely normal. Try for yourself, as failing is just part of the process for any online entrepreneur.

Is it too late to start? Absolutely not. Build a brand, form a team, and configure your product or service to fit the expectations of a would-be buyer. The best time to start was yesterday, but today works just as well.

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Carlos Alvarez

"A bit about " Carlos Alvarez " in his own words: "Alvarez sums up his mission to help online sellers with a quote he heard early on in his career. “New sellers constantly compare their Chapter 1 to another seller’s Chapter 20. They see what other veteran sellers are doing and they judge their success and failures by this benchmark.” His goal is to show sellers a realistic path to success, and how they can enjoy every chapter of their own, unique journey."

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