How to Source Products from Mexico for Your Amazon Private Label Business

written by Carlos Alvarez
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Finding products to sell and customers to buy things is the first problem to solve, but once you have that sorted, can you be sure that you will be able to source the products you plan to sell? If you have a private label business, that is, a great, ready-made product that doesn’t cost a lot. You can make a few small changes to it and then resell it under your own brand. That sounds like a great idea, but how and where can you source the products? Mexico is a convenient location because it is close to the USA. The shipping costs will be lower and wait times will be shorter.

What are Mexico’s specialties?

The best products to source from Mexico are leather, textiles, consumer goods, garments, metals, and health and medical devices. Eco-friendly products, pet products home decor, toys, and fitness products are often sourced from Mexico. Products made in Mexico are becoming more common. 

Other Advantages to Sourcing Products from Mexico

Canada, Mexico, and the United States have a trade agreement that removes tariffs to make it easier to do business together. In addition, the labor costs in Mexico are lower than in China and other source countries. There is most certainly a cost advantage; there is a large, highly skilled workforce and a diverse market. The biggest advantage of Mexico is that it is easy to access, so you will be able to meet your suppliers in person.

Best Ways to Learn About Sourcing from Mexico

Invest in your business by learning as much as you can about the country from where you want to source your manufactured goods. Find out what makes Mexico different from countries in Asia or India. That means, taking a trip and finding out about how Mexico does business. Learn about the people and their work values and visit places throughout the country. 

Mexico has health, safety, environmental, and labor regulations that impact business and manufacturing. Be sure to be aware of them and notice any restrictions to importing and exporting products to and from Mexico and the US.

How Do You Find Manufacturers?

Once you have decided on a few possibilities for manufacturing plants to source among, choose wisely to find one that is the most efficient, with the best cost-to-profit ratio. There are online directories that can help you search for manufacturing businesses in specific fields. Contact the companies to learn more about them. Look at the companies’ websites, but don’t rely on them. Always telephone or email to check them out. 

Go through a business consultant if you want a bit more help. They will have inside knowledge and they can advise you so that you and get what you want. Don’t make any assumptions; learn as much as you can before you start. 

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