How to Source Products from India for Your Amazon Private Label Business

written by Carlos Alvarez
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Finding the best sources for an Amazon private label business can be difficult. While sourcing from China is often popular, the country’s popularity and the wide market create many Amazon competitors selling products just like yours. Sourcing products from other countries, such as India, narrow the competitive market by giving access to unique products. However, it can be challenging to know which manufacturers will be able to meet your needs, and once you’ve found the best, how to make contact and start sourcing products.

Find the Right Manufacturers

Finding the right manufacturer for your private label business can be a challenge. Many producers in India are not export-oriented and instead focus on the domestic market. This makes it very important to make sure the companies you want to source from are interested in exporting before you contact them.

While it may take some research to find the right manufacturers for your business, the search is not without resources. Depending on the products you’re looking to source, it could be as simple as a Google search to bring up hundreds of potential manufacturers. 

There are also many different sourcing sites that allow you to search for manufacturers in their database by-products. This makes finding manufacturers that are interested in exports and selling the products you need much simpler.

Make Connections

Once you’ve found the manufacturing company or companies you’d like to work with, the next step is to make contact. Many companies include their contact information on their websites, so this step could be as easy as reaching out online. Websites in India are generally created in English, making communication quick and understandable.

If the company you are interested in sourcing from does not display their contact information, or you have the chance to travel to India, in-person meetings can also work. During the Delhi Fair, you can view thousands of different products and connect with the manufacturers behind them. Once you’ve established a solid connection and line of communication with a company, you can begin sourcing.

Start Sourcing

Before purchasing products from India, understanding the trade requirements of the country is essential. Each country has different trade tariffs, so knowing the tax for your location ahead of time will eliminate any costly surprises later on.

If you’ve been sourcing from an export giant like China, it may take a mental shift to adjust to a less export-oriented country such as India. Smaller orders are the norm, but the quality of unique, handmade products can balance the lower quantity. With all the variables calculated and assessed, you can begin sourcing from India and growing your private label business with a much smaller competitive playing field.

Sourcing products from India can be a great way to find unique products that many Amazon competitors won’t have access to. You can find export-oriented manufacturers that produce the products you need by putting in a little time and research. And by acting quickly you can contact them and begin initializing your sourcing process. With contact established and all the costs and benefits of sourcing products from India taken into account, you’re ready to start sourcing.

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