How to Make Amazon’s Branding Power Work for You

written by Carlos Alvarez
8 · 03 · 21

The internet is supposed to be the business world’s big equalizer; anyone can put up ads and marketing and gain distribution, anyone can be successful. The problem with this is that every brand now has a platform and it’s created an ocean of advertisements for every consumer. It can be hard for any one brand to stand out! Getting your products out there through distributors like Amazon is only the first step; there is more you can do to make your brand a success.

Attractive Adverts

In a world of paid advertisements and sponsored posts, your ads need to stand out. We’re constantly bombarded with annoying ads on our screens, and everyone immediately reaches for the “skip ad” button, so you need to make sure that yours is strong enough to make people pause and pay attention before they hit that button.

Effective ads will ideally feature your brand logo and an attention-grabbing scene. Powerful imaging is one of the most common ways that ads can attract their audience. Once you’ve got their initial attention, you can go deeper and give the consumer a bit more of your brand’s identity, what you are all about and hopefully establish a connection they will internalize.

Develop Your Brand Identity and Culture

It’s not enough to simply throw your logo on everything and expect to be a big success. Customers are attracted to brands that present values that align with their own, so show your customers who you are.

Creating your brand’s identity is a process and one that needs developing over time. If you push product after product, you’ll likely see some short term success around all your varied products. But developing and cultivating certain special products and tasks are how you can specialize your services to specific clients.

Brand identity consists of more than just your brand. It’s the associations and specializations of your product and advertising. It’s your social media presence. It’s your brand visibility and who you sponsor and where you advertise. It’s incredibly important to know who you are as a brand, because how can you tell anyone else who you are if you don’t know yourself?

The End Game

Ultimately, the goal is to out-brand your competition. Creating brand awareness and collecting loyal customers is how you can dominate online marketing. Amazon’s algorithms recommend items based on typed searches, the more tags your brand gets, the more often it will be recommended to customers. Keeping your brand in view, relevant, and confident in its identity will keep you on the top of those product searches and give you access to more and more customers.

While we used the term “end game” above, the work is never really done. Your new incoming customers need to interact with you and learn more about you; you want to create the same bond with them as your previous customers. But just like individuals, a brand identity evolves over time. It’s important to keep one finger on the pulse of the market, but another on the brand so you identify how they’ll fit together in the future.

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Carlos Alvarez

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