How to Easily Create a Kindle Book Cover

written by Carlos Alvarez
12 · 06 · 22

You’ve been working on your eBook for a while, and it’s finally done. All you need now is a catchy cover. Creating a cover for your eBook shouldn’t be hard, even if you aren’t naturally creative. There are a variety of ways to do this, but let us look at a quick, simple way to design a Kindle Book cover.

Go to KDP

You will need to go to the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) website. They have the tools to help you format your cover. This will help you size the area of the front, back, and spine. You will need to format your template.  This can be done by selecting format your eBook from the left-hand menu. 


There will be two options to choose from: interior and exterior. Each section will have options. You want to choose the exterior because this is for your cover. The exterior will give you three choices: use the KDP tools, download a template or create from scratch. It’s up to you which option is best for your project. 

  • Option 1: KDP free tool. Create a cover using the on-site KDP tool. The cover creator is simple and easy to use.
  • Option 2: Download a Template. Create a cover by downloading a template that meets specifications. Be sure to use the calculations tool to get the right measurements.
  • Option 3: Create your own cover. Use the KDP calculator to help with dimensions. Create your own cover in any software you want. Be sure to check out the on-site cover guide to learn about detailed specifications.

Cover Calculator 

When you have chosen the option that suits your project, it’s time to input the information. You will go to the cover calculator and fill in specific details. It will automatically calculate the dimensions for your book and produce a template that you can download.

Download Template 

If you are using the downloadable template from KDP, fill out the cover calculator. Download the template in PNG and PDF format.  Note the overall dimensions for the interior and exterior.  These are the measurements you will need to design your cover.

Choose Designing Software

There are a lot of free resources for graphic design. Canva happens to be the perfect program to design a free Kindle Book cover. Create a new design using the dimensions of your template. Upload your template and input it into your file.


There are several pre-made templates available. You don’t have to rely on these to create your cover. Instead, play around and change elements. If you don’t want to use a template, create something from scratch. Have fun! 

Creating a cover for your eBook should be fun. Explore all the options available from KDP and choose the best one for your project. Using a graphic design program is a good start, even if you aren’t naturally a creative person. Be sure to save and download your finished product. You can then upload it to the KDP cover creator. Then there you have it, a free eBook cover that you designed all by yourself!

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