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Getting Started on Amazon Weekly Classes

“Start Selling On Amazon NOW for Absolute Beginners”

Classes every Thursday, from 6-8 PM EST

Ecommerce Workshops

Who is this class for:

  • NRetail Store owners wanting to leverage the power of Amazon
  • NCurrently employed and wanting to add additional income.
  • NCurrently employed and wanting to quickly transition to working only for yourself
  • NUnemployed and want to begin working for yourself.
  • NAlready self-employed and want to grow your revenue streams.
  • NLooking to start your own brand


This group has been a God-sent!

Starting up a store on Amazon gets overwhelming because of all the information you get bombarded with.
It’s nice to be part of a group that is always willing to offer help and stir you in the right direction. They have answered ALL my questions and concerns. They’re always offering advice. When you’re part of this group, you can pretty much take your business as far as you want.

Cathy Morris

I started attending the Wizards of Ecom meetings, at the time named Wizard of Amazon, as a new seller with little experience on Amazon other than watching YouTube videos about it. The first thing I noticed was that in every single presentation the speaker was very well experienced on the subject and secondly, they all were willing to share their knowledge and experience.

The amount of information, advice and exchange of ideas within the group has always been fantastic and after years I still keep the group as the main reference on Amazon business and e-commerce in general. My appreciation to Carlos who created and is maintained this community – I have learned so much here.

Marco R.

I couldn’t be more grateful for Carlos and the WOE community. I joined in 2020, and back then I barely knew what Amazon FBA was and how it worked. I had sold a few products and a bunch of used books but that was about it. Since then, I have sold over 40K units and $1M worth of product, and I seriously doubt I would have been able to pull that off without such an AMAZING community.

Stephano Gasperini

Hello, Connecting with Wizards of Ecom has been a lifesaver. I am new to the Amazon world and having someone help me navigate the pitfalls and money mistakes has been priceless. They teach beginners such as myself and more seasoned sellers.

If you have been wanting to get involved with Amazon but was not sure where to start I highly recommend the Wizards of Ecom!

Yvonne Long

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What you will receive:

  • NIn-person Instruction on the 6 Paths to Selling on Amazon.
  • NExpert Advice on which path would be best for you.
  • NFree Admission to future Getting Started on Amazon classes
  • NAccess to the largest in-person Amazon Seller community in the world
  • NAn Accountability Chat to hold your hand thorough Account Set up, Amazon Selling model selection, and beyond.
Ecommerce Workshops

Start Selling On Amazon NOW for Absolute Beginners

Classes every Thursday, from 6-8 PM EST