Five Tips On How You Can Increase Amazon Sales

written by Carlos Alvarez
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Your Amazon business has been established and sales are trickling in. As exciting as this is, you’re looking for ways to turn up your business sales into a strong flow. There are many individual strategies to boost your sales; achieving the maximum effect comes when they are combined.

1. Effective Keywords

Amazon searches operate off of two types of keywords, research keywords and backend keywords. Research keywords are those found in your listing titles, descriptions and bullet points. When a search is made, Amazon runs through every listing and finds the relevant keywords, boosting those listings to the top.

Backend keywords are also triggered by customer searches, but are not found in your actual product listing. Rather, you can enter backend keywords to be included into the Amazon algorithm, allowing you to maximize searches similar to your product, rather than just those in your listing.

2. Optimized Amazon Listings

Keyword organization, word flow and the length of your listing will all affect the ranking and traffic flow of your listing. It’s important to organize your keywords by importance in your title and bullet points.

In your product description, your word flow and length become more important than filling it with keywords. Your description is where customers look for detailed information about your product. This includes key features of your product, usage instructions, and any warranty information. A great way to research effective product descriptions is to search Amazon for products and learn from the highest ranking results.

3. Optimized Product Images

Depending on your product, you may be allowed anywhere from five to nine images in your listing. It’s important to use high quality, high resolution images as Amazon allows customers to zoom into the images. Low resolution images can become pixelated and grainy when zoomed in.

The cover image of your listing should only include your product, portrayed in an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching way. This gives viewers an honest impression of your product and draws them to click on your listing.

Your remaining images should showcase the highlights of your product, this can include shots of it in use, close-ups of key product specifications and views from different angles. When done correctly, your images help draw customers into your product and supplement the information in your listing.

4. Advertising

Advertising, both within the Amazon platform and on external platforms is imperative for sales growth. A well placed ad leads new customers to your product with every click. While not every visit to your product page results in an immediate sale, a strong advertising campaign can lead to a consistent rise in your sales. This is especially important for your newly listed product to be noticed among the countless competing products on the platform.

Depending on your goals, skills and current sales, it may be best to hire an advertising agency to personalize your ads. By doing this, you can ensure your ads will be tailored exactly to your product and personal preferences while still attracting traffic.

5. Consistent Sales

While gaining a hundred sales in one day sounds wonderful, it doesn’t count for much in the Amazon ratings if those sales drop off the next day. Amazon rates products on how quickly they sell.

Having a large amount of sales in a short period of time can rocket your product to the top of this list, but you can just as easily fall to the bottom if your sales decline. Consistent sales, while they may not put you first on the best selling list, can keep you constantly in a good position, even amid the fluctuations of your competitors.

Continued ad spending, as well as tweaking and updating the product listing to increase its impact will help maintain consistency. By encouraging buyers to leave reviews and answering product questions, you’ll keep the sales rolling in.

When growing your Amazon sales, it’s important to research specific strategies for your products. By finding the right keywords and advertising and listing styles for your product, you can optimize your listings and advertising to attract the most traffic. With more customer traffic, you experience sales growth. Learn from what works and adapt, and your Amazon business will keep growing. Click here to learn more

Carlos Alvarez

Alvarez sums up his mission to help online sellers with a quote he heard early on in his career. New sellers constantly compare their Chapter 1 to another seller’s Chapter 20. They see what other veteran sellers are doing and they judge their success and failures by this benchmark. His goal is to show sellers a realistic path to success, and how they can enjoy every chapter of their own, unique journey.

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