Faceless YouTube

Faceless YouTube

Wizards of Ecom,

Youtube Livestream Link: https://youtube.com/live/2vAQ8xscAzM?feature=share

In today’s event, we’re going to talk about Understanding of Faceless YouTube Channels

A bit about Samer Itani in his own words:
Hey there, It’s Samer Itani here, your go-to YouTube coach at Two Chapters Ahead. Over the past 6 years I’ve been on YouTube, and have coached over 1200 students. Soaking up wisdom from 10,000+ videos.

With a whopping 2.4 billion views, (and counting!), and I can confidently say we’ve cracked the code to help thousands of students get views while converting them into sales.

I’ve invested over $25,000 in courses that promised me the moon and back, only to get space dust. 😂 That’s why I founded Two Chapters Ahead – to share real, proven strategies that work on YouTube.

I combine my YouTube Coaching with Mindset coaching. As a certified Think and Grow rich coach, I’m not just about numbers; I’m here to tackle your challenges, boost your business, and dial up that mindset.

Join us, and let’s help over a BILLION people live better lives by spreading your message on YouTube. It’s not just coaching; it’s a journey. Ready to dive in? 🚀

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If you want to access the recording of this event and all previous events you can do so at https://www.wizardsofecom.com

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