Cut thru the Noise! Understand the Most Important Metrics of your e-Com Business

Cut thru the Noise! Understand the Most Important Metrics of your e-Com Business

Wizards of Amazon,

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In today’s event, you’ll learn how to cut through the noise and gain a deeper understanding of your e-commerce business’s performance to make better decisions that drive growth. We’ll identify data that matters most and learn how to interpret it accurately.

A bit about Hiba Weber in her own words:
Over a decade ago, I started an online brand. One brand lead to more brands; I expanded to multiple marketplaces and hit $20 million in annual sales.

It was technology, that my team and I build around our e-commerce businesses that gave us an edge in the marketplace (and an eventual successful exit).

I took that technology build on it, and launched SellerMobile.

SellerMobile has helped 1000s of Amazon sellers cut though the noise and track the most important metrics and simplify operations for their businesses with our intuitive mobile and desktop application.

I’m passionate about giving all brands and businesses (big and small) leverage through software and technology to help them grow!

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