Dates to Remember for Amazon FBA Users

written by Carlos Alvarez
9 · 11 · 21

When marketing your product, timing is one of the most important things to consider. Marketing means knowing the dates to remember for Amazon FBA users.

The Right Promotion For the Right Date

There are traditional dates that you need to consider when marketing your product. Around Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day and Christmas, ensure that you promote your product in such a way to entice people to consider your products for their loved ones.

There are dates that may appear as insignificant but will hold meaning to some people; your marketing needs to be geared to those particular audiences. An example of this is International Women’s Day. Promotions may include targeting the achievements of women in various economic, cultural or political settings. There are cultural celebrations such as St. Patrick Day and Chinese New Year. Dates such as these require cultural sensitivity and awareness when marketing your product.

There are also fun holidays to consider when marketing, such as Super Bowl Sunday. Although it is not considered a holiday, it is on many calendars as this day brings fans from around the world to watch the game. It averages over one hundred million viewers. There are many other dates to remember for Amazon FBA users. Consider Parents Day, Left Handers Day, or Teachers Day.

Dates to Remember for Amazon FBA Users are Not Just For Promotion

There are other reasons to remember dates for Amazon FBA users. This has to do with the actual business aspect and not just the marketing and promotions. When looking at the daily aspects of the business, dates are important for production and shipping as well.

Certain holidays may require an increase in production and production time. If you are marketing your product for major holidays, there may be an increase in consumer purchases. This will put a strain on the production line. By knowing when these holidays are approaching you can then begin an increase in production in time to prevent this strain. 

When there is an increase in production there normally is a decrease in quality as many production lines will choose quantity over quality. This could require more time to inspect the goods being produced before they leave your warehouse. You do not want your reputation to suffer because of poor quality goods.

There can also be an increase of cost during the holidays; this includes a higher demand for inventory space and increase shipping costs. Shipping delays are also expected during high volume holidays. It is important to plan ahead to prevent a loss of consumer confidence.

Normally there is less than a month between most major/minor holidays/special days. Choose the ones that matter the most for your business, and consider the implications of storage, inspections, and shipping around these dates as well. Click here for more tips about selling online.

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