Break the Gate – How to Get Through Restricted Categories on Amazon

Selling products on Amazon can be a potential big win for any company, no matter the size, however, there are certain products that cannot be easily sold on Amazon due to their gating policies. Gated products are products that are part of a restricted group and in order to sell them, you must get approval from Amazon first, which could take time and can be quite difficult for most sellers to attain. Due to the gating, these products are going to end up having less competition than standard products, thus making them a potential goldmine if you can get through the approval process. So, how can you get through the restricted categories gating on Amazon?

Why are There Gated Categories and Products?

Much of the gating stems from Amazon attempting to maintain a level of quality in order to ensure the customer is getting the proper product, rather than a dangerous counterfeit. As well, there are gated products and categories based on local, state, and national laws; regulatory bodies that have determined that certain products need to have an extra layer of vetting before they can be sold on online retailers.

Amazon has 17 marketplaces worldwide, and each has their own set of restriction guidelines, so not all gated categories and products are the same throughout the world. This is an important piece of knowledge if you are planning on selling products across the world, as you may run into restrictions in one country like the US, that another, like Australia, does not have.

As an example list of restrictions, click here.

If you happen to have a product listing removed due to seller policies related to restrictions, it’s recommended you contact Amazon customer support immediately to see how you can rectify the situation to get your product listing back up.

General Ungating Procedure

Due to so many gated categories and products having slightly different procedures, there isn’t exactly one set in stone way of getting ungated; you may need to contact seller support for specific details for certain categories. However, a general ungating procedure can be done as followed:

  • Go to your inventory tab in the Seller central and add a product
  • Select a product by browning through the various product categories, or by inserting the ASIN. This should give you product details, and a show limitations button on the left side.
  • Click the apply to sell button.
  • Follow any instructions on the application page, and submit all required paperwork and documents needed. Ensure your information is accurate, or the ungating process may be denied, or take added time to complete.

Take note that product or category ungating and brand ungating are different things. When you are ungating a brand, you are getting written permission from a specific brand to sell their products on Amazon, and you require a written letter from the brand.

Is It Worth It?

Whether or not ungating categories is worth it is up to you. If you want access to a more exclusive set of products to sell, you could find the extra time put into ungating a category can be very profitable with less competition to deal with.

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