Amazon Seller Tools: How to Decide Which Ones to Invest In

written by Carlos Alvarez
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Running a successful Amazon business can be a crazy juggling act. That’s why many sellers use specialized third-party software and tools to help make their businesses easier to manage. There are more and more tools available and most of them make big promises about helping sellers manage their time and money.

A well-managed business has a better bottom line but spending a lot of money on tools defeats the purposed in the long run. How do you choose which tools will be the best investment for your business?

Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Seller Tools

Here are six questions that you should ask yourself before investing in a new piece of software or online tool:

  1. Is it easy to use?

This is the most important question to ask yourself before investing in a seller tool that has all the bells and whistles. Seller tools and software are supposed to help you save time and effort, but if the software is complicated it defeats its purpose.

2. Does the tool help me to protect my listings?

Some of the most useful Amazon seller tools offer 24-hour ASIN monitoring. They keep an eye on your products for you and alert you if someone is trying to hijack your listing.

3. Does it help with the review process?

As you probably know, reviews are a huge marketing tool for your Amazon business. Your customers rely on reviews to help them decide what to buy. That’s why Amazon added the “Request a Review” button. Did you know that requesting a review can be an automated process? Does the tool you are looking at have review automation built into it and how customizable is it

4. Can it work with all of Amazon marketplaces?

Even if you are currently only selling in one of Amazon’s marketplaces, you might want to expand in the future. Take a close look at which marketplaces the software works with and find out if you can integrate your data seamlessly.

5. Does it help me to decipher complex analytical sales data?

One of the most useful functions that Amazon third-party software offers is its ability to organize and decipher complex analytical sales data. There is so much useful information available for sellers, but it is often hard to find what you need and break it down into a format that makes sense. Tools that help you with this important data are priceless.

6. Can I try it before I buy it?

Even if you ask yourself all of these questions, you really won’t know if the software is super useful to you until you try it out.

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Carlos Alvarez

Alvarez sums up his mission to help online sellers with a quote he heard early on in his career. New sellers constantly compare their Chapter 1 to another seller’s Chapter 20. They see what other veteran sellers are doing and they judge their success and failures by this benchmark. His goal is to show sellers a realistic path to success, and how they can enjoy every chapter of their own, unique journey.

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