Amazon PPC Management: Agency vs Software?

For any level of success in an online store, whether it is on Amazon, another platform, or your own website, advertising is going to make or break your business. Without proper advertising and advertising management, you are not going to be noticed on the internet, and sales are going to trickle in slower than your bills.

There are many options, but which is the right one for you? You could try going it alone, you could try a software suite specific to managing Amazon PPC, or you could even go with an advertising agency that specializes in management of Amazon PPC. Whichever you choose has to be right for your business, and you can always change later if your needs change.

What is Amazon PPC Management?

Amazon PPC is the pay-per-click advertising that is on the Amazon platform, where your ads are displayed and you are charged per click through by a customer. Managing a successful advertising campaign for Amazon PPC means getting the right keywords to get displayed in the right locations so that those click throughs have the best chance of being a successful sales conversion.

Choosing the right keywords also entails discovering which keywords aren’t working, and adjusting as your advertising campaign is ongoing, while also deciding an appropriate daily budget and watching your ACOS. Overspending, and underperforming is common in first time Amazon PPC campaigns for those that don’t take the appropriate path.

So, how can you make your Amazon PPC advertising campaign a success?

Using Software for Amazon PPC Management

If you aren’t ready to turn your Amazon PPC campaign over to an agency, then you could choose to purchase software for your PPC management. With software you can set various variables for what you want to target, such as a target ACOS, and the tools will do the job for you.

Software also helps scan various keywords to find out their performance vs cost, to help determine the best choices for your campaign. While a campaign is active, it’ll also track performance and alert you to underperforming keywords. The biggest issue you will have is that there is a monthly fee for using software, and you will need to take some time to learn the software to get the most out of it. Also, there are never any guarantees for increased product sales, as there are factors beyond advertising.

Using an Agency for Amazon PPC Management

An agency can offer you a much more personalized approach to your Amazon PCC management, including an account manager that will work with you directly and that you can ask questions about a campaign at any time. The ad agency is fueled by professionals that know in the insides and outs of advertising to maximize your ROI. Most often, they also use software with their management, in order to take advantage of AI.

A big downside to using an agency is that it is going to cost you more monthly than any other option, and they often require higher daily budgets. There is also no guarantee that they will do a good job. You must read their reviews and be selective.

Agency vs Software

In the end it will all come down to what kind of budget you have and what is going to be best for your business in its current form. If you don’t have the time to do the work yourself, then software or agency are both going to be great options.

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