Amazon Live Video: What is it and do you need it?

written by Carlos Alvarez
8 · 06 · 21

The online shopping experience continues to evolve into places never before dreamed of by even the most sales savvy and brilliant of minds. Live-streamed shopping events are opening up a whole new world for online sellers and are expected to drive $11 billion U.S. in sales this year alone. By entertaining viewers, sellers are able to leverage new and exciting sales opportunities that leave a lasting impression through the latest live-streaming technologies.

For Amazon users, the Amazon Live Creator app has much for us to get excited about. Its features allow creative and forward-thinking sellers to showcase their products while demonstrating different ways they can be used so the viewer can actually envision their own use for these products. Even more exciting, sellers can interact with their buyers in real-time for a more meaningful shopping experience that’s sure to increase sales in a major way. As proof of the power of live video streaming, the app even includes the metrics to measure the results of these events. Here are a few key reasons we recommend opening up your business with the Amazon Live Creator app.   

Create stronger connections

Because live streaming offers that special real-time aspect, it opens up new opportunities to build meaningful connections with potential buyers and viewers. The Amazon Live Creator app offers two-way communication through chat features for stronger audience engagement. At the same time, you can showcase your products and share any promotional or deal information you may have coming up. This audience is also likely to spread the word about your brand and products when you create great content and a memorable shopping experience.

Easily grow your following

Because live streaming creates a more meaningful impression, sellers can more easily grow a vastly larger following. This way, messaging you put out hits home more widely and more often. Creators start off within the Amazon Live Creator app as Rising Stars. This status provides the opportunity to livestream anytime, and as often, as you like. What’s really exciting is the “follow” button that pops up as the livestream plays, making it extra-convenient for shoppers to begin to follow you. The more viewers you gain, the more you level up within this app, which means your livestreams will appear in more places on the Amazon platform. For the creativity of spirit, the potential in live video is endless, especially as you reach influencer status. Strengthen your brand presence

Livestreaming opens up new dimensions in which to showcase your brand and tell your story. This may be anything from your overall vision down to individual product details you want to share with shoppers. Because of the increased engagement available through the Amazon Live Creator app, your brand is much more likely to stick with viewers. When they’re looking for a product, they’ll remember that brand presence. And the best part? All those extra sales are driven up at no cost to use the app with free streaming available in any placement across Amazon’s massive platform.  

The Amazon Live Creator app is opening massive opportunities to connect with shoppers, leave a lasting impression, and expand your brand. At Wizards of Ecom, it’s our passion to share content that drives your online business to new and exciting levels. If you have any questions or comments about the Amazon Live Creator app or anything else about the most effective ways to leverage the Amazon platform, we’re here to lead the way. Click here to learn more.

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