Amazon Brand Protection: How to Know When You’re Ready to Enroll

Amazon is a fantastic platform for sellers who want to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, the nature of online shopping can make keeping and protecting that “name” difficult. Thankfully, Amazon has a brand protection program that can help you establish, manage and protect your brand while selling on their platform.

Today, we’re looking at how Amazon protects brands on their platform and how to tell if you’re ready to sign up for their program.

What is Amazon Brand Protection?

Amazon Brand Protection is part of the Amazon Brand Registry Program. While the program can help sellers build their brands through content, analytics, etc., we’re going to focus on the brand protection aspect today. The program helps sellers in three ways: accurate listings, proactive brand protection and a tool for reporting violations.

Accurate listings are important for any seller at any point in their journey through Amazon. The brand program can help you craft product descriptions that specify what makes you, your brand and your products different. With that kind of definition, it will be harder for others to copy or infringe.

Amazon’s proactive brand protection is powerful, so we’ll let them describe it themselves:

“Our automated protections use information about your brand to proactively remove suspected infringing or inaccurate content. The more information you provide, the better Brand Registry can help you protect and improve your brand experience.”

Finally, reporting violations. You don’t need to rely on Amazon to find potential infractions. If you see something in a search, you can easily flag it for review and have it removed.

How to Know if You’re Ready to Join the Amazon Brand Registry

Now that you know about brand protection on Amazon, how do you know if it’s the right time to join their program? There are a few indicators that can help you make that decision. Let’s look at a few of the key ones.

Your business is growing:  Are you seeing steady revenue build and profitability? Getting to that stable, steady point can be hard for sellers on Amazon. If you’re already there, then it’s time to think about your future successes, and how protecting your brand can help you get there.

Your seeing potential infringements:  Are you experiencing brand issues already? Perhaps in the form of infringement or copyright violation? Then you need to get protection right away. Being proactive is the best way to stop these issues early before it’s hard to prove who owns what in the international marketplace.

You’re looking to expand markets:  Taking your business to other countries? Now is the time to get brand protection. Not only can this help you navigate entering new markets, it also means you can start increasing awareness without the worry of dilution.

If you’re looking to protect your brand on Amazon, then you will need to join the Brand Registry. This powerful tool can help you build, manage and protect your brand as you grow on the platform. Want more helpful tips for succeeding on Amazon and in e-commerce generally? Wizards of E-Com is here to help! Our numerous resources are all geared to helping sellers do better with their businesses. Be sure to check out what we have available and start building your skillset today! Click here to learn more.

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