A Guide to Drive more Traffic to Amazon Listings in 2022

written by Carlos Alvarez
10 · 04 · 22

One of the most challenging aspects of running a successful Amazon business is getting eyeballs on your products. Over the years, Amazon has grown to be an all-encompassing sales platform where customers can find anything they need, which is great. Having so many people ready to purchase from your Amazon online store is fantastic as long as you can make sure that they land on your listings.

Without adequate traffic to your specific Amazon listings, though, you risk getting lost in the crowd. Increasing profits can be tricky if you don’t make your listings more visible on the broader web. Fortunately, being intentional with your strategy is not difficult and it will be well worth your time and effort.

Three Steps to Drive More Traffic to Your Amazon Listings

Driving traffic to your Amazon listing requires specific planning and action. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you to increase visitors to your Amazon store and, in turn, increase your sales.

1. Beef up your brand. Make sure your brand message can compete in the broader online marketplace, not just on Amazon. Though your sales are coming to you through Amazon’s platform, you have many potential customers to tell your brand story to in places outside of Amazon.

2. On that note, don’t limit your marketing to Amazon. You can advertise your brand and your Amazon listings using social media marketing, blogs, and websites. While a number of your customers are coming from Amazon searches, you can still direct potential customers directly to your Amazon landing page. Well-designed and well-placed online ads can really pay off with increased traffic to your Amazon listing.

3. Think outside the marketing box. Consider marketing options that you may not have tried yet like social media influencers, bloggers or making your own unique and engaging social media content.

Don’t Forget Your Landing Page

While increasing traffic to your Amazon listings is incredibly important for your sales, it is equally important that your landing page is in tip top shape. You don’t want to spend all that effort getting people to visit only to lose them before they purchase. Make sure that your Amazon listings look great, are enticing, and tell your brand’s story well. If you have a great looking landing page, it is much easier to find and retain repeat customers.

For Trusted Advice

While all of this seems simple on paper, implementing a successful digital marketing campaign can be tricky. That’s why we’ve brought together some of the best minds in e-commerce to help you to create a strong and prosperous Amazon business. At Wizards of Ecom, we are experienced Amazon and e-commerce sellers. Our team of experts can help you to move your business to the next level.

At Wizards of Ecom, we offer a wide range of courses including free in-person and online classes as well as professional workshops designed and taught by successful Amazon sellers. To learn more about driving traffic to your Amazon listing, visit Wizards of Ecom.

Carlos Alvarez

Alvarez sums up his mission to help online sellers with a quote he heard early on in his career. New sellers constantly compare their Chapter 1 to another seller’s Chapter 20. They see what other veteran sellers are doing and they judge their success and failures by this benchmark. His goal is to show sellers a realistic path to success, and how they can enjoy every chapter of their own, unique journey.

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