6 Expert Hacks for Selling More on Amazon

written by Carlos Alvarez
8 · 09 · 21

If you own an eCommerce store and are an Amazon seller, you know you face a lot of competition.

And it’s no surprise why — Amazon is the third-largest company in the world and it’s estimated that over 90% of US shoppers use Amazon.

However, with all of the competition, achieving sales on Amazon is more challenging than you think. The smartest sellers applied some hacks in order to better market their brand and sell more products.

Are you struggling with Amazon selling? Here are 6 hacks to sell more products and grow your brand on Amazon.

1. Target Emotions Through Images

We all know that sellers have to use high-quality images in their listings. Your images not only make you look more legitimate but can draw in customers quickly.

But do you know how your images can attract buyers? You’ll want to target their emotions to capture their interest, increasing your chances of landing a sale.

Keep in mind, Amazon does have many requirements for your images.

The main image has to be on a white background, which does nothing to captivate your audience. However, you can upload additional images that can better intrigue your buyers.

What are some examples of images that attract shoppers? Specific angles, a features overview image, images of your product in action, product size comparison, sizing chart (if selling clothing or shoes), and more.

2. Write a Title for Humans

A common mistake that sellers make is writing their Amazon product title for search engines, meaning they cram keywords in the title to manipulate the SERP.

However, Amazon is smarter than you think. Their algorithm, called A10, knows when you do keyword stuffing.

The solution? Write your titles for humans and use keywords when they’re natural.

There is another benefit of this. Humans are searching for these keywords, so it’s easy to write your title around keywords but to make it sound natural.

For example, let’s say you’re selling kid’s toys.

The keywords you want to rank for are: “toddler toy set,” “BPA-free plastic,” “toy for 3-year-old,” “educational toys,” and “birthday toy gift.” There’s an easy way to combine these keywords in the title:

“Toddle Toy Set – Ages 3-5 – Educational Birthday Toy Gift – Made of BPA-Free Plastic”.

As you can see, the title uses most of the keywords (or a form of the keywords) but the title is worded in a way that makes sense.

This title example is also 87 characters. Amazon’s product title requirements vary by category, but FBA sellers have 200 characters to work with.

Still, Amazon recommends your title is short and clear. The title example is filled with keywords and is written in a way that’s descriptive yet natural and easy to read.

Speaking of keywords…

3. Keyword Research

Referring back to Amazon’s algorithm, A10, this algorithm identifies keywords in your listing to better rank your products. That’s why keyword research is vital.

How do you perform keyword research for Amazon? First, find keywords related to your product.

Then, check the traffic and competition. Traffic is the amount of monthly traffic the keyword receives on Amazon and competition is the number of other sellers using that keyword.

Ideally, you want to use a keyword that has the highest traffic and lowest competition possible. You’ll want to use these keywords in the title and description.

Don’t forget to include the keywords in the Amazon backend keywords field, which is also known as “hidden keywords.”

There are five lines of keywords you can fill out and each line can support 50 characters. That’s why it’s recommended to use more than one per line.

Separate keywords with a space, no commas or other punctuation are needed.

4. Take Advantage of Bullet Points

First, let’s go into bullet points. Amazon allows for five bullet points and each point can have 1,000 characters worth of text. It’s recommended you use this to your advantage.

What should you write in the bulleted points? Focus on the benefits of your products and their features.

You can also address the differences between your products and the competition. While Amazon offers a question area for buyers, you can also include some common FAQs.

Keep in mind, the first three bullet points are the most important. Use these bulleted points to include the most essential product information, and use the last two as additional information.

Referring to the last section, you can bold and italicize text for emphasis or use capitalization to drive some details home.

5. Utilize A+ Content

A+ content (previously called enhanced brand content) is a feature that Amazon offers. You can visually enrich your content to better brand your listings. This includes custom-placing your text and using branded images.

Previously, this feature was only available for sellers in the Vendor program and Amazon-branded products. But now this feature is available for just about all sellers.

As of now, this feature is free. You have the choice of using a pre-built template (you have five options) or you can design a template yourself.

6. Pay Attention to Reviews

While not all customers will leave a review (and no, you can’t bribe customers to leave reviews), what you can do is pay close attention to those who leave a review and read what they say.

If they leave a great review, be sure to thank them. But if they leave a bad review, you can quickly take action to satisfy the customer.

As a seller, it’s also up to you to treat customers well. When you do this, you should receive positive reviews.

Be sure to respond to any questions and treat buyers with respect. Be sure you’re only selling the best quality product and take care of issues promptly.

Amazon Selling Made Easy

Amazon selling has many benefits, but you can easily fall behind competitors. If you tried these tips and are still not seeing success, it may be time to take the next step and try eCommerce training.

Wizards of eCommerce offers a variety of classes for sellers who are on Amazon, Walmart, and more.

We’re based in South Florida but many of our eCommerce classes are also offered online. Click here to view our upcoming classes.

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